Couple Necklace Or Flower ?

Do you have girl friend or boy friend ? if you want to give her ( him ) a surprise , or want to show your love to her ( him ) , you may ofen be worried about waht to give to her ( him ) , people may ofen think about flowers such as rose , which represent love . some people give 999 bunch of rose , some people give 99 buch of rose , but I think the number is not the most important , if you love her in heart , one bunch also can send your love to her ( him ) , she also can feel your deep love .

Want to send him (her) gift not only on Valentine’s Day ? Many of my friends are troubled by this problem, you must think about roses, chocolate and so on . in fact, the present must repeat at last , if you can think about some other creative gifts , would it be better? Perhaps you can prepare a custom jewelry just like a couple necklace for her ( him ) as your romance Valentine’s Day gift, tell him (her) how much you love him, how much you want to grow old with him .

First , you must know your girl friend’s favorite color ( silver or gold ) , second , you must know what style she love ( name engraved necklace or love shape necklace , and then engrave your name or her name , or engrave special design on the pendant . at last you can give the surprise to her ( him ) on her birthday or some day meaningful .

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